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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, please be aware that all information is subject to change due to constantly evolving CDC, national, state and local guidelines.


Dates Coming Soon!

Rejoy Padel League

Open: Men, Women, & Mixed

Intermediate: Levels 3.0-4.0

Advanced: Levels 4.5-5.5

Players will compete in Round Robin format. The first two teams of each draw will move to a single elimination draw to determine the league winner. The unqualified teams will play a single elimination consolation draw. Prizes are awarded for the winners of each division!


We will provide balls for each match.


$15 per player

To Register:

  • Download the app "Padel Manager"

  • Create your profile. When creating the profile, you will be asked for a DNI - just add any nickname.

  • In category PLEASE ADD 5

  • Once you have your profile, select "Leagues." Make sure you go over the description so you understand the league rules.

  • Click Register

  • Select your partner (your partner must be registered in the app in order to complete registration)

  • Select Category

  • Confirm Registration

  • Confirm payment (payment will be collected in the pro shop) please call Ximena at 305-860-4360 after the registration is complete to make a payment. Registration will not be accepted without any payment.

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